January 24, 2007

Good-bye to Columbus Day?

Columbus Day name may changeA state legislator who is a member of the Comanche tribe is calling for study on a way to make Columbus Day less divisive, including the possibility of changing its name.

Sen. Suzanne Williams, D-Aurora, said she plans to introduce a resolution setting up a committee to debate "whether we should keep it, modify it or do something different with the holiday. Other states, for example, now call it All Nations Day."


writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
How's 'bout a good ol'-fashioned naming contest for October 12? Three-Galleon Hat Day. New Worlds For Old Day. Broken Cristobal Day. Isabella's Goodafella Day. We Lost The Holocaust Day. All Things Considered, We'd Rather Be In Philadelphia Day.
All Best
Russ Bates

voyageur said...

I think "Writerfella Day" is sufficient.