January 17, 2007

Generic Indian video game

Preview:  Brave: The Search for Spirit DancerBrave: The Search for Spirit Dancer appears to be an all-in-one platform game. Throughout the course of this very attractive adventure, players battle enemies on foot using a host of weapons, call on the power of ancient spirits to cast spells, ride on the back of a giant eagle and navigate down a rampaging river. It definitely has plenty of ingredients for a hit. Actually, lack of press and advertising, not Spirit Dancer's quality, may be the only reason why it may not score with consumers.

In the game, published by Evolved Games and developed by Vis Entertainment, gamers play as Brave, a young Native American boy that must save his tribe from the evil Wendigo. To rescue them, he seeks Spirit Dancer, a powerful Shaman. Of course, this won't be easy. Brave must wade through nine dangerous levels. He'll battle a gigantic Sasquatch, fight wolves and tackle a grizzly bear using a plethora of weapons, most notably a bow and arrow and tomahawk, though he can also cast spells. In addition, he'll hop into a canoe and push against raging waters, soar above the ground on the back of an eagle and ride buffalo. He can even possess animals in order to solve puzzles. If critics bash this game, lack of variety won't be one of their complaints.

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