January 17, 2007

Land of the Lost remake?

"Lost No More?"--An Interview with screenwriter Teddy Tenenbaum, author of a Land of the Lost feature screenplay. (Year 2000-2001)"The plot will sound remarkably like the television show, but with some important differences. A fractured family: Holly, Will and their father, Rick Marshall, travel to a Maya archaelogical site in Mexico to bury the ashes of their recently deceased, archaeologist mother. Once there, they experience the greatest earthquake ever known, and tumble through a wormhole into a parallel universe, all of which falls under the multi-verse theory that is popular in physics today. That's the scientific hook we hang all this on, and the script is very much about evolution, the evolution of societies, and the evolution of culture."

A proposed Land of the Lost feature film will also answer a long-standing historical mystery. "What happened to the Mayans?" Tenenbaum wonders. "They disappeared as a civilization almost overnight, and the question is, where did they go? We explain the disappearance of the Mayans, play into the multi-verse theory, and explain how the Marshalls end up in this alternate world."
Comment:  This project is supposedly dead, at least for now.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure this project would have treated the Mayans the same way that "Stargate" treated the Egyptians. Whatever that means.