January 22, 2007

Super diva

Arigon Starr Takes the (High) Red RoadThe self-described “Diva” who’s a diva in the original definition of the word—meaning she’s very, very good at what she does—but isn’t at all a diva in today’s common usage. If you haven’t heard of her, you will, for this multi-talented artist is a singer-songwriter, playwright, theatre performer and has even had an acting stint on the soap, General Hospital. And through it all, she has remained grounded, from her early days playing coffee houses to last year’s one-woman hit show, The Red Road. Connected to her audience, to her roots; without pretense and with plenty of humor.

But this Kickapoo/Creek/Cherokee/Seneca Diva isn’t about to rest on her laurels. This April, Arigon will be premiering her 10-part radio series, Super Indian, about a Native teen who gains super powers after eating tainted commodity cheese. That’s right. Tainted commodity cheese, with a sidekick and erudite talking dog to boot.
More on "Super Indian":Tell us little bit about your upcoming radio series, Super Indian.

I’ll be playing one or two characters. This is the fun of doing radio and also, playing several characters. The show, a radio play, is about a boy who finds out he has super powers after he has eaten tainted commodity cheese. From there he takes on the role of Super Indian, and he has a side kick named Mega Bear and a talking dog named Diogi.

Talking dog?

Yeah, the talking dog sounds like Frazier…(laughs) He’s very educated… It’s not set in stone, but the idea is to have five minute segments that will air at the top of the hour at various radio stations around the country. It will be syndicated, so the radio stations will play them when they play them. Either through Native Voice One or American Indian satellite.
And a thought on role models:Because you’re in the public eye, do you consider yourself a role model?

That comes with the territory.


Anonymous said...

Russ, did you even read the interview about Ms. Arigon Starr? I'm starting to worry about you. Seriously!


Rob said...

A reminder that according to Russ, Arigon Starr (Kickapoo) probably isn't an Indian. As he wrote on 11/6/06:

"I spoke not of termination, but rather of the groups that became the Pequot 'tribe' and the Kickapoo 'tribe'. Seemingly it mattered little at all that they are not Natives but only that their Federal recognition papers came through."

Since the federal government recognizes three different Kickapoo tribes as legitimate, naturally I disagree.

Rob said...

Arigon probably would kick your butt if you said she wasn't Indian to her face.