January 31, 2007

Top 10 movie stereotypes?

From Borat to Mammy

The top ten stereotypes in cinema history

Comment:  Interesting list, but it missed many Native and other stereotypes. See my comment at the end of the posting.

The fact that no Native stereotypes made the list is telling. One could argue that the greatest stereotype of Native people is that they're gone--i.e., no longer around to be stereotyped.


Anonymous said...

LOL, "Speedygonzales"? Groups offended: Mexicans and Mice? I don't know about that list Rob.

Rob said...

I think the "groups offended" are supposed to be partly tongue-in-cheek. Still, this says something about the author's attitude. She's hinting that she thinks those who take these stereotypes too seriously are being politically correct.

Anonymous said...

Yep. I agree. And in her snarky attempt to transcend coolness, the author ignores Natives. Enrest Whiteman's thesis is sooo on target. No one does see Indians. But that's gonna change. Soon.