November 30, 2007

Codetalkers want a museum

A place of their own

Fiscal agent needed for Code Talker’s MuseumThe Code Talkers—members of a special Marie Corps unit in World War II that used the Navajo language as a code that was never broken by the Japanese—already have had a mainstream Hollywood movie—“The Windtalkers”—made out of their exploits, and there have been several documentaries and books about them over the years.

But what the Code Talkers want, Frank Chee Willetto said Tuesday, is their own museum.

That’s why Willetto and state officials were at the meeting of the McKinley County Commission asking for their support in their efforts to acquire state funds to build a museum, veterans center and veterans cemetery just east of Tse Bonito.
Comment:  At the rate the codetalkers are going, they're going to be the most remembered Indians in history.

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