November 22, 2007

Yeagley:  Indians are lazy bums

Yeagley Is All About Handouts and Sellouts“There's an important lesson here. I hope Indians see it. Indians feel no shame in poverty or living close to the earth. The modern standard of living is not particularly prized by the Indian. He for the most part isn't even interested in economic "improvement." He might not reject it, if it is handed to him, but, he certainly isn't motivated to work for it. Why should he be? Many, many Indians are simply not attracted to American culture, and have no desire to be part of it, much less to excel in it” (11-21-07).Brent Michael Davids responds:Yeagley has once again advocated for Indians to remain subservient to his “fighting whitey” image of America, rather than supporting the indigenous right to self-determination and true sovereignty. If Yeagley had his way, he’d have every Indian become a slave to “white superiors” asking for a few crumbs of sovereignty—as if sovereignty is something granted and not inherently inalienable. Yeagley is the worst politician in Indian country, with a self-serving ambition that far outweighs his actual abilities laced with a white supremacy streak that falls like snowflake dandruff in hades.

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