November 28, 2007

"Native ceremony" purifies water?

Purification That Comes in a Bottle:  Water Takes on New ResponsibilitiesMs. Brightwater, who calls herself a psychic, healer and medicine woman, and who owns a Native American crafts gallery in Queens, applies the New Age healing techniques she has used on crystals for three decades to transfer what she claims is palpable “good energy” to her water and those who drink it.

It is a complicated process. Once the bottles arrive from their source near Saratoga Springs, N.Y., Ms. Brightwater said, she lays out tumbled stones that she has “programmed for love, health and prosperity” around and on top of each case.

She burns sage and sweet grass, herbs used by the Native Americans, to clarify and purify the energy of the water, and prays for its drinkers to experience good health, good luck and prosperity. She said she then asks “the Great Spirit to help feed the hungry children, keep the waters clean and to protect the two- and four-legged on this planet.”

She plays CDs of Native American and Buddhist healing chants for 12 hours a day, until the cases of water are delivered.
Comment:  For more New Age nonsense, see New Age Mystics, Healers, and Ceremonies.

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EvilPoet said...

I just went to the New York Times website to read the article. I didn't get far - I was completely distracted by the "article tools sponsored by" button. It's either a very odd coincidence or a very sneaky way of expressing an opinion. Then again, I could be seeing things that are not there. You know, like the fluffy bunny in the article.