November 25, 2007

Mormon video explains history

Mormon Theology in 6 Minutes


Anonymous said...

Purpose of the video? What was the source? What no snickers?

Rob said...

I presume some Mormons made the video to explain how (they think) their religion originated. But I can't say for sure.

Putting Mormon history into an animated video means putting it into the pop-culture slipstream. This blog covers the intersection of Native America and pop culture. Since the video mentions Indian history, it's an example of Native America and pop culture intersecting.

No, I'm not snickering at this time. But we've criticized Mormon beliefs often enough in this blog. Use the search function to find out what I mean.

lds9999 said...

I thought I'd comment to remark that this cartoon is far from accurate. It was created by an anti-Mormon group in the early 80s and its falsehoods have been debunked time and time again.

For example, in March 1984, the Board of the National Conference of Christians and Jews repudiated the film, saying "The film does not—in our opinion—fairly portray the Mormon Church, Mormon history, or Mormon belief."

Rob said...

I didn't say the video explained history accurately, did I? I left it to viewers to determine which parts are accurate.