November 22, 2007

Jules Verne honors Captain Kirk and Indians

The Jules Verne Adventure Film Festival Celebrates and Honors the American IndianThe Jules Verne Adventure Film Festival, the most important event dedicated to the exploration and the preservation of the planet will open in Los Angeles, December 6 through 15 at the Shrine Auditorium, starring special honorees William Shatner, Ted Turner, Tippi Hedren, Tony Curtis, Patrick Stewart, Malcolm McDowell, American Indian leaders and many more.

The creators of the event (founded in Paris 15 years ago) have, on various occasions, paid tribute and recognition to the culture and philosophy of American Indian Nations, because of their endemic struggle to protect and and take care of Mother Earth.

For its first US launch, and for future events, the Festival has chosen to pay homage and present a strong cultural presence on behalf of American Indians.
Comment:  Sonny Skyhawk is apparently behind this festival, since his name appears at the end of this press release.

If Kirk and Picard are to be honored, what about Miramanee and Chakotay? Shouldn't they be there too?

What about SF writer Russell Bates? He could represent Ensign Walking Bear, his creation.

And what about Kennewick Man? He could stand in for Picard if Patrick Stewart can't make it.

Ted Turner but not Kevin Costner or Graham Greene? Tony Curtis (perhaps for portraying Ira Hayes) but not Adam Beach? Couldn't they find a single Indian star to honor?

Below:  Walking Bear, Kirk as an Indian wannabe, and Chakotay.

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writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
Ted Turner is in the mix likely because of the multi-part movie series on TNT back in the 90s and (?) early 00's about Native history and cultural events. writerfella thinks it more was Jane Fonda's doing while she had Turner's ear (among other parts)...
All Best
Russ Bates