November 29, 2007

Mascot lovers hate Indians

UND Nickname Controversy:  A Web of emotions"Ever hire a Native American?" Carol B. of Brooks, Minn., asked in a posting Wednesday. "There is no work ethic, poor performance, late or never show up or even call and constantly blame others for their problems. If everyone, regardless of race, creed or color, could be provided free housing, government check each month, free education, and assistants (sic) programs to cover every other need, would we not all be happy?"

"UND should drop the Sioux nickname . . . and then drop every program associated with the Native American from the campus. Let them study their heritage at home."
Comment:  The second comment reveals that UND supporters aren't promoting Indian studies because they're genuinely interested in Indians. No, they're promoting Indian studies as a payoff for their nickname. In other words, their motives are demonstrably phony.

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