November 21, 2007

Liberals and conservatives vs. Indians

Indians in mind, for one dayWhite liberals are shocked to learn that Indians could celebrate a holiday that is essentially a funeral for them--"You're commemorating your own cultural death?" White conservatives like to use the holiday to make mention that "Indians are the ones who should be thankful for all we've done to civilize them."

[I]t's tough to enjoy the bird when you've got white liberal guests reminding you that sports mascots like the Cleveland Indians' Chief Wahoo continue to degrade and dehumanize "your people." And it's even harder to taste the tart canned cranberries when you've got a white conservative telling you to quit the victim game and "learn to pull yourself up by your bootstraps."

Among white liberals, the Cowboys are not America's team. "I resent embracing the mythic reminder about how our rogue forefathers stole the West!" White conservatives do not really have much comment on the game, unless the Redskins are on the schedule. "What is so wrong with 'Redskins'? Can't you see how your people's pride and warrior skills are being honored?"
Comment: I've heard conservatives say (or seen them write) all three things attributed to them. I could point to many examples on my website and elsewhere.

The comments author Rolo attributes to liberals are more problematical. Let's look at them:

1) I doubt a liberal would ask something as blunt as the question in the first paragraph. Like Indians, liberals have a nuanced view of Thanksgiving. Which isn't surprising since most Indians interpret history liberally. Both groups recognize that both good and bad came from the meeting of civilizations.

2) A liberal might say something like the statement in the second paragraph. But is Rolo saying he's tired of hearing about Indian mascots even though they're offensive? Or is he saying Indian mascots aren't offensive?

3) I can't imagine that any liberal has ever uttered the statement in paragraph three. Show me the evidence that someone seriously equates a football team with the purveyors of manifest destiny. Until I see it, I don't believe it.

Suppose for a second that the liberal and conservative statements are equally annoying. Liberals might say one or two of the statements attributed to them. Conservatives would say all three of the statements attributed to them. Conclusion: Conservatives are more annoying than liberals.

Now let's drop the supposition and consider the statements' content. The liberal statements are attempts to sympathize with Indians. The conservative statements are attempts to chastise or upbraid Indians. In terms of content, liberals are the clear winner.

In short, if you have a choice, invite a liberal to Thanksgiving.


writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
Hey, who doesn't like turkey or at least a day off from work?
All Best
Russ Bates

Anonymous said...

Truthfully? Both "liberals" and "conservatives" are tedious hypocrites. Note that I use both terms in quotes. Actual independent thinkers don't need to cloak themselves in either category to be authentic.

How about just treating your fellow humans with dignity and respect? Oh, what a radical idea!!

Rob said...

As a card-carrying liberal (not "liberal"), I wouldn't have said any of the things in the article. My philosophy is "Do unto others as they do unto you." In other words, I'll respect you as long as you respect me.

Liberals tend to think independently, since they favor changing the status quo and improving society. When I think independently, I tend to arrive at liberal positions. That's because liberal positions are usually supported by the facts and evidence.

writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
Then again, there are the terror stories writerfella could tell ya about how his white USAF buddies used to fight over him just so they could say they ate Thanksgiving dinner with an Indian!
All Best
Russ Bates

Rob said...

Re "Actual independent thinkers don't need to cloak themselves in either category to be authentic": Perhaps, but people who do "cloak themselves" in either category can be authentic or independent thinkers.