November 19, 2007

First American Indian TV series?

Home, Home on the Rez
“The Redblanket Series”The first produced American Indian drama series in the United States. Home, Home on the Rez, starring Larry Sellers, Joanelle Romero, Elaine Miles, Elizabeth Sage and Conroy Chino. An American Indian attorney Nakai Red Hawk and her community activist partner Billy Navarro, travel to various tribal locations throughout Indian America to solve a variety of social, criminal and human relation problems.Rob's review:  This video is apparently a pilot for a half-hour series that hasn't been produced (so far).

On the one hand, the story addresses the complex lives of modern-day Indians. It deals with child custody, law-enforcement jurisdiction, and alcoholism--issues often in the news but rarely raised in dramas.

On the other hand, the storytelling (especially the directing and acting) is obvious if not heavyhanded. Larry Sellars and Elaine Miles are among the few who seem to be speaking naturally rather than reading from a script.

Rob's rating:  6.5 of 10.

P.S. The producers apparently haven't decided whether Joanelle Romero's character is named "Redblanket" or "Red Hawk."

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