February 15, 2008

Burying Indians in LA

Native American tribe seeks new resting place for ancestors with help from Playa VistaDiscussions about Playa Vista often revolve around its luxury homes, its location and its plans to continue to build out and create a self-contained residential and commercial community. Its opponents speak in terms of the impact that the development has had on the nearby wetlands and the traffic jams that have ensnarled commuters near the intersection of Jefferson and Lincoln Boulevards.

On far fewer occasions does the topic turn to the excavation of the sacred ancestors of a Native American tribe that had rested in the hills of Westchester for centuries. Their displacement and state of unrest has long troubled the tribal council, and until recently they were uncertain if they would ever be allowed to return their forebears to their hallowed burial sites.

Now, with the help of Playa Vista officials and Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl, the remains of approximately 400 ancestors of the Gabrelino/ Tongva Indian tribe will soon be returning home.
Comment:  Playa Vista is about five miles west of where I live.

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