February 07, 2008

Faux Indian fashion

Anna Sui Inspired By American NativesDesigner Anna Sui is heading west with her Fall 2008 collection. The fashion show took place yesterday during New York fashion week and this had to be Anna's most exciting show.

Anna might have been hanging out at an Indian reservation since her creations looked liked outfits worn by the American Indians of the Pacific Northwest. From the color schemes, velvet flower headpieces, beaded necklaces, and paisley tights everything looked American Indian inspired.
Comment:  Yeah, because most Northwest Indians wore velvet flower headpieces and paisley tights.

I'd say almost nothing in these ensembles look Indian-inspired. Maybe the second woman's necklace and the first woman's feathered shawl, but that's about it. The headbands look like faux-Indian hippie wear to me.

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rahamlet said...

Paisley tights?! Geez I guess those natives were a HECK of a lot more advanced than we realised. I mean, they must have invented ways to make nylon thread, knitting machines, blockers and pressers, and lets not forget all the dyeing apparatus. And where did they get all that spandex?

I would say that reporter had feathers for brains, but that would be such an insult to my winged friends I think I would be shat upon by pigeons for the rest of my life.

And that other article about "Native accents". Well, anybody has another intonation if English is their second language. Or has lived abroad a long time using another language every day. Having been an ex-pat for 25 years, I have also been told I sound funny. Funny enough that my S.O.'s father thought I was trying to be a visa bride after our first phone conversation! Nope, sorry, I know New Jersey is a pretty out there place, and the Virginia overlay sounds foreign to a man from Maryland, but it is all still within the contiguous borders, LOL.
"Native accent", what are we back to yes keemosabay already?!