February 04, 2008

German version of Pocahontas

PocahontasRoaming around with her best friend, the curious and cheeky raccoon, Pocahontas, the beautiful chieftain daughter discovers a ship with a lot of strangers on the shore. "These White people will bring much woe to our people" predicts the chieftain. And actually, the gold-greedy captain of the ship starts a war on the Indians.

Will Pocahontas succeed in preventing the inevitable fight and to save their people?
Comment:  Gee, this isn't too much of a ripoff of Disney's Pocahontas.

Wonder where they got the idea that Pocahontas associated with a Plains-style chief? It couldn't be from countless portrayals in the media, could it? No, the creators must've been misinformed by their parents.

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Unknown said...

It gets worse. There are even cowboys in the movie!