February 05, 2008

God vs. Indians

Ponca Casino Faces Power of Prayer[A] group of people are betting on the power of prayer to keep the casino from coming to Carter Lake.

Meeting at the Open Door Mission dozens get their marching orders, ready to fight.

Community members are told to load up on a couple of buses, then get together in small groups and pray once they get to the site.

"We're here to oppose the casino in a peaceful protest through prayer," says Lakeview Bible Church Pastor David Holton.

Spread out along Avenue H, alongside the proposed casino site, dozens of people from more than 20 different Christian groups launch a grassroots effort to pray.

Prayer they hope will make a proposed casino, fold.
Comment:  I didn't know God had taken a position on Indian gaming. And he's kind of busy, isn't he? Before he can get around to stopping this casino, he has to lead various countries and sports teams to victory. And cure people's diseases, give them the perfect jobs and families, and make them rich.

Below:  God the white Anglo-Saxon making man in his image.


dmarks said...

I think most of the controversy concerning casinos would go away if those who don't like them just don't patronize them and leave it at that.

writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
The same argument was used to justify the quashing of 'violence' in TV programming. Did it work?
All Best
Russ Bates

Rob said...

I recommend an active rather than passive approach to something you oppose. E.g., Indian stereotypes, not Indian casinos.

At the very least, try to educate people. Don't wait for them to educate themselves.

P.S. I've written about media violence too. Check it out.