February 08, 2008

New trivia question

Which States Don't Have Native Names?


dmarks said...

I emailed my answers. I am guessing you did not want them posted in comments.

Have you done a quiz of city names?

dmarks said...

...and then I checked. Got one wrong.

Rob said...

It wouldn't have hurt to post your answers here.

No, I haven't done a quiz of city names. I usually make up a trivia question when I come across a ready source for the answers. In this case, it was a Washington Post article that listed the derivations of all the "Indian" state names.

In other words, I don't spend hours tracking down this information if I can avoid it. I don't have the time.

dmarks said...

The item said to email answers (instead of the usual posting, I guess) so that is why I emailed.

writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
There are 26 state names arising from Native words or phrases (consult the 2008 ALMANAC OF AMERICAN FACTS).
In point of fact, the article did not say to e-mail any answers you might have. It said to click on the link, after which your answer THEN would be e-mailed. Subtle, but cogent. Now, think how many e-mails YOU have ignored, and then you will recognize the demonstrated principle...
All Best
Russ Bates

Rob said...

As the Washington Post article pointed out, several state names have an uncertain origin. That undoubtedly explains why the Post came up with 25 Indian-derived names and the almanac came up with 26. The number depends on whether you consider a particular derivation certain or not.

I've never failed to respond to someone who e-mailed an answer to a trivia question. I rarely if ever fail to answer e-mails, period. Is this another of your attempts to fib about me, Russ?