February 10, 2008

New Turok video game

Latest 'Turok' game less cartoonishPerhaps it's a defect in his character or maybe it's a fickle public, but Turok has always been a hero in flux.

No other comic book character seems to have a history as turbulent or as trying as the Native American dinosaur hunter. The unusual protagonist "a mix of Rambo and 'Alien's' Ripley" has gone through numerous successes, failures and incarnations.
On to the video game:When it comes to video games, Turok's forays mirror his history in print. His first few titles drew some notoriety, but the hero's reputation declined after a couple of mediocre releases. Now, more than five years since his last adventure, Turok once again returns, and yes, he's sporting a different look. Propaganda Games has brought back a dinosaur hunter that bears little resemblance to the hyper-violent "Mortal Kombat"-style of the 1990s.

In "Turok," the developer eschews the cartoonishness of its predecessors. There is no Cerebral Bore to horrifically decapitate your foes. In its place, players will have to blast them with an armory of conventional weapons. Instead of a cookie cutter plot, there's a gritty survival story. It's a smart move for a first-person shooter in need of a fresh start. Although there will be some alienated fans, they should appreciate the mature tone of the game.
Comment:  Turok has been getting a lot of press lately. It's Turok time!

Perhaps Turok hasn't been a raging success because he's a one-dimensional dinosaur hunter. He's the embodiment of the warrior mascot, who lives only to crush, kill, and destroy his enemies. Macho action figures are a dime a dozen, so why should anyone care about him?

If Turok had a personality, a culture, and a life, maybe he'd be more successful in various media. Maybe he'd be as well-known as Tarzan or Conan. But if he were a well-rounded character, he probably wouldn't be wasting time fighting dinosaurs. He'd be writing bestsellers, serving in Congress, or flying space shuttles like other Indians.

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dmarks said...

The final episode of "Land of the Lost", which featured an Indian and dinosaurs, presented Turok-like opportunities for such battle, but were never pursued.