February 13, 2008

Turok game isn't satisfying

Gamer's Corner:  'Turok' teaches the importance of timingThis is a relaunch of a series that fizzled out after its heyday on the Nintendo 64. Though the plot is still basically the same (angry Native American fights dinosaurs), the series has been modernized and "edged up" to the point where it'll almost be beyond recognition for long-time fans.

One of the nice improvements is that everything, from the jungle environments to the dinos that inhabit them, looks really gorgeous, even the human enemies are fairly generic. The jungle, though, is so real it's spooky and really adds to the immersive quality.

While the dinos look great, fighting them never seems as satisfying and fun as it should be. You'll still get a thrill from blowing them away every once in a while, but all the lizards are so very, very stupid it almost seems like an unfair fight--and they're the ones with the razor sharp claws.

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