February 09, 2008

Venezuela aids Third-World US

Tribes express gratitude for gift of winter warmth

Venezuelan-owned CITGO Petroleum donated heating assistanceThe nuances of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez' stormy relationship with the United States means nothing to Iyonne Garreau of Eagle Butte.

Garreau, 75, is not interested in the critical scrutiny that swirls around Venezuelan-owned CITGO Petroleum and its partnership with Citizens Energy Corp., which this year alone funneled $21 million in heating assistance into 220 tribal communities in 13 states.

What matters to Garreau is that the $267 in heating assistance she received from CITGO bought her about 133 gallons of propane to heat her home.
Comment:  If the US is too poor to help its own citizens, I'm glad somebody is doing it.

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dmarks said...

Chavez is the same man who in a speech a year or two ago swore to "Destroy the United States". I guess he is doing it, one gallon of propane at a time.