May 21, 2008

Candidates in Newspaper Rock

I've read articles about Obama's and Clinton's positions on Indian issues. I haven't seen any major differences between them. I think other factors are more significant. Who can get elected? Who can lead? Who can change the system?

In Newspaper Rock, I've mainly covered the candidates' popular appeal. Because that's the primary "pop culture" aspect of the presidential race. From what I've seen, Indians are flocking more to Obama than they are to Clinton. My coverage reflects that.

In that respect, Indians are like Americans everywhere. They sense Obama is a winner and they want to back a winner. They're tired of George W. Bush and his policies of scorn and neglect. They don't want four more years of the same.

I'd be happy to vote for Obama or Clinton over McCain. Either one would make a much better president. But the voters have given Obama the edge, and the polls confirm it. Obama is the best candidate we have to defeat McCain in November.

Below:  The Bush "economic policy" McCain is likely to continue.

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Rob said...

Here's what I wrote to an e-mailer who questioned my political predilections:

In Friday's Newspaper Rock, two postings were pro-Obama and two were pro-Clinton. Why? Because that's what I came across that day.

I've posted a lot of things on people I don't necessarily like. For instance, on Russell Means, Ward Churchill, and David Yeagley. So it's not as if I post only on my "favorites."

If I wanted to sink Hillary, I could do a lot more. For instance, I could post her comment about how she appeals to "working-class white Americans." Many people deemed that racist.

But since the race is almost over, we won't be seeing many more Clinton articles. Sorry, but that's the truth.