May 27, 2008

Powwow scares Iraqis

Celebrating roots in Iraq

A Pryor man was among the revelers at the first combat-zone powwow. There were many American Indians serving in Iraq, and with the help of their tribes back home, some were able to organize the inter-tribal powwow, the first such event in a combat zone, Ketcher said.

Curious about what the Americans were doing, Iraqi civilians began to watch as the powwow began, but they soon left.

"They came and were checking things out, but as soon as drums started and singing started, they took off," Ketcher said. "It scared them."


Anonymous said...

Why would Native Americans even think about fighting in Iraq, or Afghanistan for that matter?? Why fight and die for Custer??

Rob said...

For some answers, see Indians Die in Iraq and Indians Rethink the Military.