May 23, 2008

Clinton releases sweeping agenda

Hillary pulls for S.D. Indian voteIn another sign that the Democratic race for the White House will go down to the wire, Sen. Hillary Clinton has released a sweeping "South Dakota Native American Agenda" that aims to increase opportunity and improve the quality of services for Indians in the state.

The proposal, according to Clinton's campaign, is grounded in the principle of tribal sovereignty, while focusing on improving the quality of health care, creating jobs and combating crime.

"For seven years, the Bush administration has failed to live up to its commitment to the Native American community in South Dakota and across the nation," she said in a statement released May 20.

"By making targeted investments to create good-paying jobs and ensuring everyone has access to quality, affordable health care and by continuing to partner with the Native American community within the government to government framework, we can begin to undo some of the damage President Bush's neglect has caused."
Below:  The candidate's spouse stumps for votes.

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dmarks said...

It sounds good as a new idea, but Clinton (who has a reputation for lying) lies by ommission. The failure to live up to commitment to Natives goes back through the Clinton Administration and before. She claimed to be some sort of co-President with Bill, so in that light his past record is hers.