May 22, 2008

Hopi/Navajo skatepark

'Louise Yellowman Park' opens to public in Tuba City

Park includes skating area, BMX, walking and family riding trails for allWhat started in 2003 as a dream of Tuba City and Moencopi Hopi students--to have a fully equipped skate and BMX park complete with deep sub-rails and highly curved extensions to practice on, making it possible to win city, state and national skate competitions--became a reality May 10.

The Louise Yellowman County Park was officially opened amid hundreds of well-wishers, including the entire Coconino County Supervisory Board and Hopi and Navajo Nation officials. There were special student presentations by Tuba City Boarding School and Moencopi Day School ending with a skateboarding exhibition by GrindLine Skateparks featuring Dave Palmer and Jimmy the Greek. Live music was provided for the event by "No Name Street Band," led by local Hopi musician, Blair Quamahongnewa.

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