May 30, 2008

McCain's true colors

The day McCain showed his colorsIn 1989 he was the senior Republican on the Senate Select Committee for Indian Affairs. In addition to his work on the committee, he saw his role as explaining issues facing Native people to others in Washington. He said, "Not only is there a vast lack of knowledge about Indian affairs in the country as a whole, but frankly, there is a lack of concern."

As we were coming into Whiteriver, I asked him why he cared about Native issues when their voting power is relatively insignificant. "Your involvement in Indian affairs is probably going to cost you votes in Arizona," I said.

He looked at me with that now-famous frown and said, "You do some things just because they are the right thing to do."
Comment:  I wonder what McCain's rationale is for opposing Christian fundamentalists, then supporting them. For opposing Bush's tax cuts, then supporting them. For supporting the administration's mismanagement of the war on Iraq, then opposing it.

Let's hope his views on Indian issues aren't as expedient as they are on these issues.

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