May 19, 2008

Indian in The Matrix Reloaded

Montaño Rain, son of actress Joanelle Romero (The Girl Called Hatter Fox), played young Thomas Anderson (Neo) in The Matrix Reloaded. Here's a blurb on him (slightly edited) from Romero's website:Montaño Rain (Apache/Cheyenne)--Teenage actor Montaño Rain is founder of his own non-profit organization Help the Earth (HTE). Traditional Indian hoop dancer, rock & roll drummer, and traditional Indian drummer/singer, piano, and artist. Montaño Rain plays five instruments and has mastered three. He was young Neo in Matrix Reloaded and has grown up in the entertainment industry.Below:  Gandhi's grandson Arun Gandhi, Joanelle Romero, Sally Kirkland, and Montaño Rain.

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