May 30, 2008

Leading Native news sites

Here are the rankings of the most popular websites from today:  1.  102.  2,305.
Indian Country Today:  221,841.  259,464.  324,105.  395,325.  1,511,083.  3,083,555.  4,307,680.  4,851,800.  9,239,654.

Of course, links to much of the original content on ICT's site,,, Brenda Norrell's blog, and elsewhere. It undoubtedly provides the broadest, most comprehensive coverage of news in Indian country. Which is why tribal leaders and advocates read it religiously.

As I've said before, is independently owned and operated by Victor Rocha, an enrolled Pechanga Indian. The website has no connection to the tribe or its casino except a similar name. No one at takes orders from anyone. makes no bones about being primarily a news aggregator. We* love the in-depth analyses done by ICT's editors and columnists. And the Washington reports and other columns done by We salute our colleagues' contributions.

If you're wondering why the last blog is on the list, it's because the blogger is asserting that and are more important Native news sources than Indian Country Today,, and (which I'd label the big three). As you can see, the facts contradict this silly assertion. It's pretty clear which sites Indians rely on for their news.

For more on the subject, see Native Journalism:  To Tell the Truth.

*As you probably know, I'm a significant contributor to and an occasional contributor to Indian Country Today. I'm also a significant contributor to Native News Online ( No big deal...just stating the facts.

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