May 25, 2008

More on Panama's King Tito

Hydro-dam exiles one of Latin America's last kingsThe Naso king is recognized by the Panamanian government as the tribe's maximum authority and its legal representative in discussions with outsiders. The government rejected Tito's ouster and still recognizes him as rightful monarch, referring to him as "Rey Tito" (King Tito) in official documents.

Tito is now considering a referendum on his rule.

"I am thinking about an election. Let's have the community decide whether I continue or not. If they want another king, then be my guest," said Tito, sitting in the shade of his hut.

Many of the 400 residents of the Naso capital Seiyik, which lies three hours by dugout canoe up a shallow river, are furious that the government and EPM are still talking to Tito.

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