May 19, 2008

Skateboarding = hot trend

Skate Jam promotes healthy messageHundreds of Native youth gathered for the second annual All Nations Skate Jam in Albuquerque, a daylong event celebrating one of the hottest new trends on reservations and Native communities from California to New York.

Skateboarding has not become just a sport for American Indian youth looking to channel their energy, but a canvas for Native artists to create breathtaking works on the backs of boards.

"The event is all about giving Native youth a healthy, safe and positive activity," said Todd Harder, a Michigan native who founded and organizes the All Nations Skate Jam. The event attracted Native skateboard companies such as Native Skates, Wounded Knee, 4-Wheel Warpony and Full Blood Skates, who were on hand selling their latest lines of boards and gear.

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