May 25, 2008

Native America Speaks at Glacier

Native American influences a big part of Glacier's allureIn general, visitors to Glacier National Park come with a superficial awareness of the region's Native American heritage and the Blackfeet Nation, said Jack Gladstone as he prepared for his 24th summer as a presenter in the Native America Speaks program.

"There is an interest and fascination with our tribal identity," the Blackfeet singer-songwriter from St. Mary and Kalispell said.

By attending the 45-minute evening presentations at hotels, campgrounds and other sites in and near the park, Gladstone said, visitors accept an invitation to deepen their understanding of the cultural identity of the native people.
Comment:  Good to hear there's a strong Native presence at Glacier. Those who have read American Indians and National Parks know that isn't always the case at our national parks.

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