July 27, 2008

Bay Mills blogs

Bay Mills Indian Community goes online with virtual museumBay Mills Indian Community is the first in line to receive a virtual museum, created with the assistance of local youth.

The project, being dubbed as the Bay Mills Virtual Museum Project, isn't actually about a museum at all. It's a hands-on way to get people, particularly youth, interested in computing, and as an added bonus for the community that participates, a virtual museum is created.
And:Frost believes that the print culture hasn't done a very good job of capturing the true essence of tribes and their history. He hopes that by letting the community decide how they should be represented the world will have a better idea of who the tribe is.

Bay Mills was chosen as a pilot for the project because it was able to meet space and technological needs of the project, and has a well-respected reputation. Frost anticipates other tribes will get on board with their ideas and their own museums once the pilot is complete.
Comment:  What Bay Mills calls a virtual museum I call a blog. It's a series of stories, articles, links, photos, and videos in blog format.

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