July 17, 2008

Preview of HELLCAT mini-series

Patsy Walker: Hellcat #1 Preview!Make way for Marvel’s most fearsome heroine…Hellcat! Hellcat scratches and slashes her way into a new age in her five-issue limited series, Patsy Walker: Hellcat, Agent of the Initiative! After the 50 State Initiative, Alaska is without a hero and Iron Man has just the heroine in mind, Hellcat! With magnificently, stunning art work from soon-to-be star, David Lafuente Garcia (X-Men Divided We Stand), Hellcat is going to face a lot more trouble than just learning how to deal with Mother Nature! Up and coming star writer, Kathryn Immonen (Marvel Comics Presents), is going to throw Hellcat into a wild world full magic and this cat may not land on all fours! Hellcat will have to face witches, rapid polar bears, killer Eskimos, and crazed demons!Patsy Walker: Hellcat #1--Fuzzy Slippers!Read this. Now. It gets a Four out of Five only because there are a few weird things in the art, and not every can appreciate the awesomeness that is a drunken Eskimo midget, talking bears with antlers, and the style of the book. For those of you who's ideal reading experience is seeing Superboy-Prime punch a hole through reality, or catching every single continuity reference ever, this probably won't be your idea of a good time. For those of you who dig bears and random awesomeness with a fun female crackin' wise in Alaska, on the other hand...

Did I mention she punched out a talking bear?
Comment:  I checked this out in the comic-book shop. It looked like a decent story but nothing special. I didn't get it because I'm hardly buying any standalone comics these days. They're rarely if ever worth the price.

Two Eskimos appear in HELLCAT #1. The tall one seems to be angry at outsiders while the short one seems to be a wise fool. I think they lead Hellcat into the Arctic where a squid-like sea creature attacks her. This seems to be part of the Eskimos' plan.

An angry Eskimo and a drunk Eskimo could be grossly stereotypical. Or the series could flesh out the characters. But the "killer Eskimos" description doesn't fill me with hope.

Hmm. Maybe I'll get HELLCAT when it comes out as a trade paperback. These days that's the way to go.

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