July 25, 2008

Ute tribes bless DNC

Democratic Convention Gets a Native American BlessingThe Democratic National Convention Committee announced today that members of the Ute Mountain Ute and Southern Ute Indian tribes of Colorado performed a Native American blessing outside the Pepsi Center in Denver, where the convention will open Aug. 25. Chants were chanted, songs sung, prayers prayed and sage burned. A feather was used to "smudge" the smoke around the site.

"With all that goes into planning a Convention, there is tremendous value in spiritual grounding in the home stretch. Our Native American brothers and sisters have a deep understanding of spirituality and its place in our lives," said DNCC CEO Leah Daughtry. "The rich Native American traditions of the West are an important part of our country's history and will be an important part of this historic Convention--set to open right here in just one month's time."

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