July 17, 2008

Living museum on Alcatraz?

Alcatraz:  Support a Living Indian Museum for the Rock and Golden GateThe Golden Gate National Recreation Area [GGNRA] (includes Alcatraz, Crissy Field and Fort Baker) is in the process of developing a General Plan, which is a vision of the park for the next generation. A Concept Paper has been submitted to GGNRA to propose a "Living Indian Museum System through Civic Engagement." In short, it is proposed that a Living Indian Museum System be established at GGNRA which consists of an "Alcatraz Island Intertribal Living Museum" and a California Indian component. The California Indian component will have two sites, one in the Crissy Field/Presidio area dedicated to the Ohlone/Costanoan people and a second in Fort Baker to honor the Coastal Miwok people. The key to the development of the museum system and curriculum being, "Civic Engagement" or public involvement. July 30th, 2008 is when the General Plan planner want to start to work on the next phase of the project, so right now is the time! We need to let the planners know how much the Indian community wants both an Intertribal presence for Alcatraz and a California Indian presence for GGNRA. However, they will continually accept input after that date. Please spread the word to every & anyone who would be interested in supporting a Living Indian Museum System at GGNRA.Comment:  Wow, that's one overbuilt and ugly island. The white man strikes again!

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