July 28, 2008

Landham calls for genocide

Landham's bid in jeopardy after continued anti-Arab commentsThe Libertarian Party of Kentucky's leadership will meet tonight to decide the fate of their Senate candidate, Sonny Landham. In the last week, Landham has made continual anti-Arab comments that culminated in an exchange on The Weekly Filibuster radio program Friday night. "So are you calling for a complete genocide of the Arab race? Is that what you're saying? Unless they raise the white flag?" asked one of the program's hosts, Sage Koontz.

"When you are in a war, you kill every thing that moves," responded Landham, a former actor who played Billy in action movie "Predator."

Friday's remarks came during Landham's second appearance on the internet radio program, and his comments were more intense than those from the first. In a Wednesday appearance on the Weekly Filibuster, Landham called for a stop to Arab immigration to the United States.

Libertarian Party leadership--which had been leading the drive to collect signatures to secure Landham's access to Kentucky ballots--is now considering whether they want Landham as their candidate at all.
Comment:  Bye-bye, Landham. Your political career and any reputation you once had are history.

The interesting question is why the Libertarian Party ever backed this loser in the first place. Haven't they heard of vetting a candidate? Couldn't they find anyone else--maybe a homeless person who needed a job?

For more on the subject, see Brotherly Love, American Style and Highlights of the US Report to the UN on Racism.

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