July 18, 2008

The Indian and the White Guy

The scoop on a comedy team featuring, well, an Indian and a white guy:

‘The Indian and the White Guy’ returning to the Black Hills

Williams and Ree marking 40 years since they met at Black Hills State College“Politics has played a major role for us,” Williams said. “Who knew Indians would get casinos? Who knew a black man would run for president?”

It’s that kind of edgy humor that has separated Williams and Ree from many comedy duos. Williams said they haven’t heard many complaints over the years.

“The truth of the matter is that we pick on everyone, no matter what their background,” Ree said recently. “We do songs, we do comedy. Actually, I don’t like to label it comedy. I think we entertain people.”

“It’s always been taken well, especially by the Indian people,” said Williams, who is of Scotch and German heritage. “They have a very sharp sense of humor, much like the Jewish people. It’s their way of coping.”

They hope to return to TV with a show on RFD-TV, a new network that combines polka programs, tractor shows and “Imus in the Morning,” featuring the sharp-tongued, cowboy-hat-wearing radio host.

“It’s the perfect combination,” Williams said. “It’s like TNN on acid.”

They have filmed a pilot for a Native American talent show, he said, and plan to pitch it to RFD-TV in the next month. It would feature them as hosts and spotlight Native performers from around the country.
Comment:  I saw Williams and Ree once. As I recall, they were decent.

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