December 03, 2008

Spirit nominations for Frozen River

AWARDS WATCH '08 | "River," "Rachel," "Ballast" Lead Spirit Award NominationsCourtney Hunt's "Frozen River," Lance Hammer's "Ballast" and Jonathan Demme's "Rachel Getting Married" topped the 2009 Film Independent's Spirit Award nominations, announced this morning in Los Angeles by actors Sandra Oh and Jason Bateman. All three films grabbed six nods apiece, including best feature, where they will compete against Darren Aronofsky's "The Wrestler" and Kelly Reichardt's "Wendy & Lucy."

In addition to its six traditional Spirit nominations, including its cast--Melissa Leo, Misty Upham and Charlie McDermott--and two for its writer/director Hunt, "Frozen River"'s producer Heather Rae was also nominated for a separately juried Piaget Producer's Award.
The complete list of nominees:Best Picture--Chip Hourihan, Heather Rae
Best Writing--Courtney Hunt
Best Directing--Courtney Hunt
Best Actress--Melissa Leo
Best Supporting Actress--Misty Upham
Best Supporting Actor--Charlie McDermott
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Frozen River.


Anonymous said...

I have no choice (for now) but to wait for "Frozen River" to come out on DVD as I live in a hick town where movies like this never play at the local (but brand new multi-million dollar multiplex).

I am very curious about this movie though, as when I lived in New York a few years ago (actually for six months in 2001-2002 and then for another six months from 2002-2003, for about a year altogether), I drank with some of the area (Upstate NY) Natives who told me that a lot of "activities" take place along the U.S.- Canadian border.

dmarks said...

I looked it up, and it turns out we had it in town this past summer. Now I wish I'd seen it.