July 11, 2009

Meyer is the real vampire

A good comment on Quileute Response to TWILIGHT, which covers the article I posted in Quileutes Ponder Twilight Tourism:One day Twilight will go away....Twilight doesn't bring people any closer to the Aboriginal/Native American people of Turtle Island....it's not a paradigm shift but it's a seduction that people will pay for the thrill of....it's another distortion of indigeneity that redeems the western historical legacy but more particularly capitalizes on the spiritual emptiness that the Mormon author is feeding on....lining her pocket book. The real vampires are the novelists and film makers who suck the emotions from people through text and visual arts leaving them even more empty than they were before....hungry for another virtual fix...vampirism does that...thank goodness the books are a fade...in fact my European students didn't even want to write about it in my children's literature course because they found it is so unsophisticated they questioned the lack of discernment of the American teenage mind.(Excerpted from Debbie Reese's American Indians in Children's Literature, 7/7/09.)

Comment:  Right you are. Meyer's books don't teach much if anything about genuine Quileute beliefs or values. She's exploiting Indians to enrich herself.

For more on Meyer's mindset, see Sex in Twilight Movie and Liberal Potter vs. Conservative Twilight.

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Anonymous said...

I've said it before, I have never met a Mormon who was a good SF/fantasy writer. Orson Scott Card pretty much retold the story of the Book of Mormon with his Alvin Maker books. Stephanie Meyer adds a bunch of author appeal; I made a joke of trying to find as much Rule 34 as I could in it. (And how! The primary love triangle is necrophiliacs vs. furries.)