July 11, 2009

Offroad racetrack at Pala

ATV and MX Tracks Open at New Pala Raceway Launch Party in Southern California Pala Raceway has officially, albeit quietly opened a brand new offroad racetrack for ATVs and MX bikes and they're having a Launch Party today.

The Pala Indian Tribe planned this racetrack from the ground up to be a world class off-road racing facility. It's located in North San Diego, near the Pala Casino Resort and Spa off the Interstate 15.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Pala Motocross Track.

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Pala Raceway Continues to Cause a Buzz in Rainbow

Peace and quiet continues to elude the residents of Rainbow, who are still struggling to find a middle ground with the Pala Raceway and its riders.

In April, the Pala Tribe had its environmental department take strides to reduce the amount of noise that was coming from the raceway. Prior to this decision, the folks in Rainbow had started talking about litigation, and had hired an attorney, but found it would be difficult to do anything against the Tribe, since tribal land is federally protected.