March 21, 2008

Pala motocross track

Expectations flying high for new motocross track

Project on reservation includes restaurant, RV park[A]s tracks have closed down because of development pressures and rising insurance costs, riders have parked their bikes or resigned themselves to long drives to Riverside County or the desert.

That may change this summer with the opening of the Pala Raceway, which could become the country's most diverse track.

“It's going to rekindle that industry, the motocross industry in San Diego,” said Johnson, who was in on the initial planning for the project on the reservation north of Escondido, but is not part of it now.
Comment:  Motocross seems like a typically Western pastime. Feel your manhood (engine) between your legs as you dominate (demolish) the ground beneath you.

Motocross and off-road biking basically destroy whatever land they take place on. I guess it's better to limit them to an Indian reservation than let them proceed unfettered.

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