March 26, 2008

Yeagley slammed for racist film

Here's the story behind and the results of David Yeagley's participation in Historiens Fångar, the racist Swedish documentary.

The Yeagley Logic, "Psychologically Speaking"

Here's Yeagley announcing the Swedish documentary to his fans (4/17/07):I'm involved in an intense few days of filming for a documentary on American Indians, about modern issues, for a European TV company. I'll let everyone know the details later....

The History Channel episode I did was about the old days. This new doc is about modern issues, like casinos, education, trying to make it in the world, reservations, etc., you know, all the things I'm a perfect authority on. :D

Don't worry, I've lined up the "real" Indians, just like I did for the History Channel. Yeah, I'll get my two beads worth in, but, I always line up the elders when they're available. I want them to speak.
Brent Michael Davids (the source of this posting) summarizes Yeagley's attitude:DAY obviously feels he is an active participant in this film project. He knows the subject matter ‘modern issues, like casinos, education, trying to make it in the world, reservations, etc.’ and feels he is the ‘perfect authority’. The emoticon used a big goofy smile which expresses an unbound joy for this opportunity.When the film came out this year, Yeagley was the only "Indian" on-camera as a spokesperson. Because of the film's right-wing propaganda, it was greeted with scorn and derision among Indians.

The fallout was so negative that even Yeagley has been backtracking. An example:The film does not tell the whole story. Granted. It was given the whole story. For now, you have to believe me on that one. Mr. Heilbut has mentioned to me "the whole film." I want to hope there will be a different, more complete version.But he won't apologize for his role in this racist film. One of his Bad Eagle forum members has taken him to task for that:BE Member—DAY--Your refusal to accept any responsibility for actions or efforts concerning your documentary and the Comanche tribe is quite understandable.

Your bridge to Lawton is burned and you know it. Why waste time admitting fault when it won't unmake the film, reverse time or placate the enemies you've already made in the tribe. And it won't look manly to your BE audience if you admit any wrong doing. Better to turn tail and return to your true family.

Stick to what you do best, playing Indian. Forget trying to forge ties with the Comanche, they'll never trust you after this debacle. Forget trying to appeal to actual Indians, they were lost to you long ago. Yup, you've made the right choice.
Al Carroll, another Yeagley critic, summarizes where Yeagley went wrong:

Badeagle "A Website Where Very Few Indians Comment": Yeagley Gets Torn Apart at His Own Forum1. Yeagley was no innocent as he claims. In fact he's long bragged about how central a role he played in this racist Danish film intended to preach AGAINST indigenous people worldwide.

2. Yeagley had no right to claim to speak for the Comanche Nation, and was only chosen because he was the kind of professional token that racists love.

3. The film just made Yeagley even more of an outcast among the Comanches than he already was.

That last point does not bother Yeagley at all. After all, he knows he has virtually no actual Indians as supporters. is a white racist site, including its impostor of an owner.
Comment:  For more on Yeagley's mistakes and missteps, see Yeagley the Indian Apple.


writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
Great! That's just what we need, an 'Ingmar Yeagley!' Yumpin' Yiminy Cricket!
All Best
Russ Bates

dmarks said...

Wouldn't it just be nice if he pretended to be Swedish from now on?

Anonymous said...

It would be Wonderful if he would claim and use everyone like he uses the Comanche People. He loves the Jews, Italians, Persians, Puritan Caucasions. He loves and admires everyone but his own Nation of Comanche Indians, who are closely related to the Mexicans and of course he hates Blacks he doesn't even try to disguise that fact. The only relationship he has with the Comanche Nation is to use them as a stepping stone.

He won't admit this, he thinks with all his hard work and degrees the Indian People are jealous of him, nothing could be further from the truth, its all for nothing if he thinks they are impressed, they take him for a grain of salt, nothing more, sorry to say, not one envies him, he thinks different.

Will he ever change?