March 19, 2008

Chris Eyre does Tecumseh

Chris Eyre is apparently filming "We Shall Remain: Tecumseh," a historical drama set in Ohio.

Myspace interview with Adoesha--"We Shall Remain: Tecumseh"The movie "We Shall Remain: Tecumseh" was shot in Indiana where the Shawnee were really from before they were removed to the Midwest. Some of the film footage done were actually shots where the Shawnees had the last battles with the American soldiers. I played Tecumseh’s brother's wife, and Michael Greyeyes was Tecumseh. Other native actors was Lawrence Santiago and Leland Chapin to name a few. I tell you Michael is a hoot. He loves to crack jokes and keep the energy on the set going, even if some of his jokes were dry. Hee hee. I really enjoyed watching him say his lines and how much he gave depth in respect on the Tecumseh’s words.

I told Chris that truly I am honored to be a part of this film. I appreciated him directing this film because he knows how important it is to tell the truth to what he is a part of. A lot of non native directors in the past as you know didn’t tell truth to Native films. Plus, on this film they had fluent Shawnee tribal elders leaders flown in to be a part of this project and where right there talking to the Directors up on history.
Comment: I corrected some misspellings in this posting to make it more readable.

Hmm. I thought Chris Eyre said he was never going to do a historical drama because such a movie stereotypes Indians as people of the past. Maybe I misunderstood him.

Oh, yeah. Here's what I quoted him saying in Too Many Serious, Sad Stories: "I don’t see the value in films that show the past. They all end the same way—the Indians die."

Do the Indians triumph in Tecumseh's story? Er, no. But maybe Eyre's movie is a what-if fantasy in which Tecumseh wins.

For more on the subject, see The Best Indian Movies.

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writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
Even if Chris Eyre once was writerfella's apprentice and student, what Eyre does always will be more important than what he says. And right now, Eyre seems to be attempting both to be "momentous and memorable..."
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Russ Bates