March 24, 2008

Gasping at mixed media

The struggle of identity

Artist Marcus Cadman explores complex ideas using mixed mediaWhen he first began, Cadman attempted to paint images of nostalgic, peaceful landscapes.

"It didn't seem right," he said. "I felt empty inside about it. I had to find meaning to my art work."

He took some time for self-reflection and even went as far as painting an abstract self-portrait of himself. It was not a flattering piece but a "dark and haunting" one, Cadman said.

The painting is adorned with real dollar bills in a collage on one side with buckskin pieces on the other, and a U.S. flag waving prominently in the background. It is titled "Knows Not the Ancient Way."

"That's the one that broke through, that really spoke through about who I was, my identity," said Cadman. "It was me being not raised traditional I guess."

People reacted with gasps when they saw the painting saying things like, "What is that? That is scary!"

Cadman never sold the piece and has no intention to now.

"They're not used to seeing this kind of art," he said. "I try to paint what's going on today. It's not the typical historic romanticized images, I guess. It's much more personal and people can see that."
Below:  Another mixed-media painting by Cadman.

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