March 24, 2008

Native Report on TV

'Native Report' Covers American Indian IssuesThe city of Duluth is doing something big. A television show called "Native Report" is produced at the local public station, and it's seen in other cities across the country. The show focuses on issues in the American Indian community.

"Native Report" hopes to show its viewers Indian country at its best.

"There are people who are doing amazing things, in Indian country--everything from working as scientists to working as poets," said Tadd Johnson, co-host and co-producer of Native Report. "There's a lot of just plain folks out there on Indian reservations doing some nice things, from trying to preserve their fish to trying to make sure that their culture is properly promoted."
And:While the show focuses on American Indian issues, there's something for everyone. Johnson said people outside the culture often tell him they watch the program, and learn a lot.

Doing away with negative American Indian images is also a top priority.

"I think it's important to break the stereotypes, dispel myths and really get to know who we are," said Stacey Thunder, host and co-producer of the show. "With understanding of other cultures and more acceptance, I think we'd get along much better."

"I think we're kind of trying to climb a low mountain, which is we're trying to promote some tolerance and understanding of people who live on the Indian reservation, Indian country," added Johnson.

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