March 17, 2008

Palm Sunday with Kateri

TORKELSON:  On Palm Sunday, Kateri keep faith, Indian ways aliveIn Denver, native American Catholics marked Palm Sunday at the Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha Community in Lakewood. Nearly 100 worshippers gathered on the lawn for the liturgy's start. It was led by Gibbons, Kateri's chaplain, along with Deacon Bill Stow, a North Dakotan whose DNA includes some Kickapoo Indian.

Echoing a worldwide ritual, worshippers clutched palm branches, which scripture says were waved at Jesus as he entered Jerusalem in a hero's welcome.

Later the city turned on Jesus, crucifying him on a day commemorated as Good Friday.

To mark his procession into Jerusalem, the Kateri crowd marched into church accompanied by Indian drumbeats and songs led by Lance Allrunner, of Cheyenne, and Commanche heritage; Joe Chavarria, a Navajo; and Francis Sherwood of the Arakira and Hidatsa tribes.

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