March 29, 2008

Arcand keeps busy

Nathaniel Arcand Isn’t Letting the Grass Grow...Cree actor Nathaniel Arcand is a busy guy. I know this to be true because every time I talk to him he is actively pursuing a new challenge beyond seeking roles that break with hackneyed film portrayals of Native males. Sure, he's worn his share of buckskin and feathers onscreen, but he's also played a kickboxer, curling champ, amiable repairman, rodeo rider, possessed grad student, and most recently, a veterinarian. Oh yeah, he is also a motivational speaker, youth mentor, photographer, singer, and has produced a sketch comedy show, among other things...Comment:  I hope Arcand will avoid playing a knife-wielding, Injun Joe-style maniac in the future. Anyway, you can see some of his greatest hits below.

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