June 09, 2010

Rihanna dumps Phoenix for tribe

Rihanna dumps Phoenix for southern Arizona

By J.D. WallaceA popular multi-Grammy winning artist is coming to southern Arizona after canceling her appearance in Phoenix.

The official reason why Rihanna will perform at Ava Amphitheater, a much smaller venue than Cricket Pavilion, is unknown. Ava Amphitheater is on the Pasqua Yaqui Tribe, a sovereign nation, which is a point that Sol Casinos CEO Wendell Long said that he makes to performers who consider coming here, but who also want to protest Arizona's politics and the new immigration law. Long said Tuesday night that he cannot explain why Rihanna made the switch. He could only explain that her managers contacted Sol Casinos and that she will be at Ava instead of Cricket July 22nd.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Natives Lead Arizona Law Protest and Natives Protest Arizona Immigration Law.


m. said...

I hope she's doing this for the reasons I want to believe!

Rob said...


Is Rihanna Boycotting Arizona or Is It the Low Ticket Sales?

Apparently, Rihanna has cancelled her July 22nd Phoenix, Arizona show and has moved it to Tuscon instead. Now, you’re probably saying, “So what b*tch? They do that all the time. Quit hating!” Well heaux, when you factor in the stories about Rihanna’s poor US ticket sales from months ago and the fact that the new venue is 1/4th the size of the old venue, it looks a certain way.