January 23, 2011

Friends for Irene Bedard Concert

Friends for Irene Bedard ConcertEvery 9 seconds in the US a woman is assaulted or beaten.

Native American women experience the highest rate of violence of any group in the US. A report released by the Department of Justice, American Indians and Crime, found that Native American women suffer violent crime at a rate three and a half times greater than the national average. National researchers estimate that this number is actually much higher than has been captured by statistics; according to the Department of Justice over 70% of sexual assaults are never reported.
According to Wikipedia:[Irene Bedard] married singer Denny Wilson in 1993. In 2010, Bedard left Wilson, alleging physical, sexual, and mental abuse, and fled to Alaska. A letter written by Bedard's niece, Alia Davis, alleged that during their marriage, Wilson maintained control over Bedard's career, and that his abuse had cost her multiple jobs, as she could not work with visible bruises. Wilson responded by filing 49 motions in Greene County, Ohio, forcing Bedard to return to the state and relinquish her son to Wilson's custody. An article on the Native Spirit PR & Entertainment website requests that fans of Bedard and those concerned for her welfare assist her by writing letters to Ohio and Alaska representatives, requesting that her son be returned to her custody, and that the court venue be transferred to Alaska. Bedard is also requesting financial assistance to assist with legal costs, alleging that Wilson still maintains control of her finances and image.The concert is to be held Friday, March 4, 2011, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It's to feature Buggin Malone, Quese Imc, Bluedog, Jamie Brace, Red Ponie Band, Sarah Hindsley, Marc Lamere, and special guests.Net proceeds go to the E. Joyce Thompson Charity Inc. for which the CEO of the company (Maryanne Canales) has put together a donation fund in Irene's name and ONLY Irene has access to this donation and it is where she can draw the funds for her needs.Comment:  Never mind...the concert was canceled. But it's good to get a hint of Irene Bedard's status.

For more on the subject, see Gray Wolf on Irene Bedard and Irene Bedard Abused.

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