January 11, 2011

Kiesha Crowther exposed as fraud

Here's a typical New Age wannabe posing as a Native "shaman." Hundreds or thousands of these people are pretending to be Indians and making false claims to fleece gullible customers. They're like flies: individually insignificant but collectively annoying.

Normally, I wouldn't bother with one New Ager like Kiesha Crowther. But she's noteworthy because activists have been campaigning against her for the last few months on the Internet. They've forced her to back way off her claims of being Native or having Native approval.

Now Al Carroll, an occasional correspondent of mine, dissects her background and shows what a fraud she is.

Tribe of Many Colors or Tribe of Many Dollars?

By Dr. Al CarrollKiesha Crowther AKA “Little Grandmother” has garnered a lot of attention, over a thousand followers, perhaps millions in cash, and even more controversy in less than two years. Falsely claiming to be the “shaman” for the “Sioux Salish tribe,” Crowther has gathered an all white, mostly European “Tribe of Many Colors” around her with bizarre claims. Native activists and former followers have vowed to oppose her and expose her.

From Santa Fe to Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands, and soon to that most “American Indian” of places, Palm Springs, Kiesha Crowther draws crowds of hundreds with each gathering of ceremony selling, charging from several hundred to up to $6,000 a person. Crowther is a small red haired woman of 33, yet looks young enough to be a teenager. Adding to the strangeness, Crowther calls herself “Little Grandmother” (she is not one) and often talks in a little girl voice with fanciful (and largely false) stories about her childhood.

Crowther mixes in stories of vulnerability with dire prophecies of doom and fantastic claims, none of which are true. She claims to be the “shaman” for the “Sioux Salish tribe.” She claims to be the descendant of famous Lakota and Salish leaders, with a “fullblood Indian mother” and a grandmother supposedly on the reservation. Crowther claims to be made “shaman” by an alleged Salish elder named Falling Feathers. She claims to be recognized by dozens of tribes from New Zealand to United States to the Arctic Circle to Scandinavia to Central America. She claims to have been recognized by Native tribes at as young as age eight and to be the fulfillment of a supposed prophecy about a “fair haired girl.” She even suggests in one video that she is the returned White Buffalo Calf Woman of Lakota prophecy, a claim sure to outrage the Plains Indian tribes that hold the prophecy sacred.

Yet not a single one of these claims are true. Most are extremely obvious lies.
Comment:  Carroll goes on to challenge and refute these lies in great detail. It's a masterful job of shredding a New Age fraud's defenses. If we had the time and energy to do this for every New Ager and wannabe, there wouldn't be any left.

For more on New Agers, see Business Off for New Age Sweat Lodges and Indian Wannabes = Celebrity Wannabes.

Below:  Alleged "shaman for the Sioux Salish" wielding a crystal.


Kathryn Price NicDhĂ na said...

The ICT link is down. The article is also available here: http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2011/01/11/18668858.php

Anonymous said...

"Shaman of the Sioux Salish"? *snicker*

Wait, she says she's White Buffalo Calf Woman? Great, just what we need, white people thinking they're gods. Again.

Anonymous said...

Where there is no honesty and respect, there is no love. She contradicts everything she says with her actions.

Now she says she is being "attacked", and that those who are attacking her are "negative"and "dark" beings attacking light workers.

I guess that includes the Salish Council, the Lakota people who have voiced their opinions online, and all the ex-followers who woke up :)
along with Grandfather Alejandro whose coordinator said he does not support Kiesha's teachings, and that she mentions him without permission. No respect, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it even occurs to her that not all cultures view darkness and light as having an alignment per se. I mean, in Japan, white is associated with death; that's one reason young characters with white hair in anime tend to either be villains or tend to die. ("Kaoru-kun should've survived. He was better than me. Kaoru-kun should've survived!")

In Lakota culture, white is associated with the afterlife and the north. In contrast with red, which is associated with fertility and the south.

Anonymous said...

Please DO check out the link Kathryn lists: http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2011/01/11/18668858.php and all the real Native American's opinions about Al Carroll calling the kettle black (or white in this instance). Bottom line: When reading any article about frauds written by Al Carrol you are reading words written BY a Fraud. Read the comments at Indy for more facts...

Rob said...

I see charges against Al Carroll on the Indybay.org page, but no evidence. These charges are pretty much a separate subject; they have nothing to do with the charges against Crowther.

I've seen dozens of Natives criticize Crowther on Facebook, so the criticism has nothing to do with Carroll personally. I've seen nothing from Crowther except her backtracking denial of the claims she made earlier.

Unless you can prove Carroll lied about Crowther, don't bother trying to assassinate his character. He isn't on trial here, Crowther is.

Anonymous said...

My interactions with her have led me to believe she is seriously delusional. She lies without any flicker of conscience or even a sense of what truth might be. My focus would be on the people around her who prop her up and promote her. Surely they cannot believe. The fact that she associates herself with Santa Fe infuriates me. Go get yourself some balancing karma and give all the money back you stole from us by representing yourself fraudulently. She does great harm to many.

Anonymous said...

you should read the KKK native HATE group ready to kill her... wow such hate in america in every color (red, white, yellow, black and brown).

recy said...

She has a ego problem that is for sure. Claiming to be someone she is not. She is a first class fraud and Con woman. She does think she has some right to be doing what she is. She is wrong. Stealing medicine that is not hers. And also lying to people, Very Sad, Glad she is being exposed, she is on her way to Australia arriving in two weeks. Go home Kiesha,,, We do not want you here.

Unknown said...

sending love feels better than offering another opinion... I support all that chose love and live on our planet

Anonymous said...

It is obvious to me that non of the people making the comments know what they are talking about. Check out other traditions and after you read/learn a little which is worth 1%, then practice until you experience the 99%. Then you will know. No further info is necessary.